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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m just starting my search for a new mattress. What should I be looking for?

A: Purchasing a new mattress is a big investment and you want to make sure you are confident in your decision. Besides price, when looking for a new mattress you should look for something that is going to be supportive of your back while also great for your specific sleep position. Different types of sleepers require different feels in their mattress that are going to give them the best night of sleep. Asking lots of questions is a great way to make sure we can help you out for your specific situation and help find a mattress that will be right for you.

Q: Body Impressions: What are they and is it normal?

A: This is a common question people ask when getting a new mattress. Mattresses these days are built not only for support for your back but also for comfort. A body impression occurs in a new mattress from the natural compression of the foams as they contour to your body. This is completely normal. Studies have shown this is beneficial for your body as it will help promote spinal alignment as the mattress will contour to your body shape.

Q: Is a new mattress going to feel firmer than the one on display?

A: This is a great question people commonly ask when in the store. The mattresses on display are floor models and have been laid on from different customers who have come into the store. When purchasing a new mattress, the one you would receive has not gone through the break in period as the foams are brand new and will feel stiffer than the floor model. This is completely normal. The way I describe it to customers is when you buy a new pair of shoes they have to be broken in, the same is to be said of a new mattress. It will certainly soften up to the feel of the one on display once it has gone through gone through the break in period which takes between 30-60 days.

Q: Is there a trial period when purchasing a new mattress?

A: Yes. We do offer what we call a 100 Day Comfort Guarantee on mattresses $699 and up with the purchase of a Mattress Protector. A mattress protector is a great investment for your new mattress for several reasons. Most mattresses come with a 10 year warranty on the bed, which covers mattress sag in excess of 1 1/2”. The way this warranty can be voided out is if there any sort of stain on the mattress. I always recommend that my customers get a protector. The benefit of getting one through MMM is that you would get the 100 Day Comfort Guarantee on your new bed, so if you get it and for whatever reason it isn’t working out, you would be eligible for a one time exchange of equal or greater value within 100 days to make sure we can get you get you swapped out for the right mattress.

Q: How long does it take the Bed in a Box to fully form out?

A: Several of the mattresses offered at MMM are the bed in a box. These beds come rolled up and vacuum sealed in a box. This makes transportation and getting the mattress into the room a breeze. Once opened the mattress will form out into a full size mattress. They form out for the most part within the first hour or two, but it does take them 1-2 days for them to fully expand.